Patent Title Product Name
Stimulation of Immunity to Tumor Stem Cell Specific Proteins by Peptide Immunization  StemVacs is a subcutaneously administered vaccine comprised of immune stimulatory peptides resembling cancer stem cell specific proteins. IND#17448.
Targeting the Tumor Microenvironment through Nutraceutical Based Immunoadjuvants  Cancer Metabolic Detox is an orally administered all natural nutraceutical product that is comprised of various herbal ingredients which seek to selectively block the cancer associated metabolic pathway that degrades the amino acid tryptophan.
Activated Leukocyte Extract for Repair of Innate Immunity in Cancer Patients  innaMune is a biological product derived from tissue culture of blood cells derived from healthy donors. It is a combination of cytokines that maintain activity of innate immune system cells, as well as having ability to shift M2 macrophages to M1.
Augmentation of Anti-Tumor Immunity by Mifepristone and Analogues Thereof  LymphoBoost is a proprietary formulation of Mifepristone, a drug approved for another indication, which we have shown to be capable of stimulating lymphocytes, particularly NK cells and T cells, both critical in maintaining anti-tumor immunity.
Methods of Re-Activating Dormant Memory Cells with Anticancer Activity  MemoryMune is a product derived from a two-step culture process of donor blood cells. The product reawakens dormant immune memory cells. It is known that many cancer patients possess memory T cells that enter the tumor, however, once inside the tumor these cells are inactivated. MemoryMune contains a unique combination of growth factors specific for immune system cells called “cytokines”.